About Iswift

Born in Virginia in 1963, Ingrid moved to Massachusetts in 1986 and began her artistic photography adventures in the same year. She had a number of photography shows in Acton and Concord Ma during the 1990s and then for a period of many years focused more on poetry. She was the featured Poet at numerous venues throughout Cambridge MA in the 1990s. Her poetry has been set to choral music by Joseph Gentry Stephens and has been sung all around the world. Her poetry can presently be found at www.Poetrysoup.com and the music at http://www.stephensmusic.com/
In 2012 she discovered her passion for post processing and is thrilled by this medium of expression. Pushing a picture farther and farther from the original until it becomes a completely different expression that meets Ingrid's fire to create full on. She is presently residing on Cape Cod